Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Broodings about the Brood of the Blue Dragonflight.

So lately I've been spending some online time in lovely Icecrown. I'm trying to get together the 5k gold for the epic flying on the hunter and I've found that doing quests that are bunched together in a small area is a very good way to raise some gold. Now she's just completed the questline with Tirion Fordering at the cathedral of Darkness (I'm not here to spoil it for those who haven't done it yet) and I'm starting to think about one of the first quest in the chain. Now the ghost kid asks you to bring him whelp dust, but here's the interesting thing. Out of all the dragon flight, why is Arthas raising the Blue Dragons as his frost wyrms? Is it any surprise that that maybe this is why Malygos is so pissed off and starting a war with everybody? Poor Malygos, betrayed by his best friend, his family decimated, and now Arthas is raising their bodies.


  1. ...and dont forget, Arthas is probably riding Malygos's ex-girlfriend- Sindragosa.

  2. If you remember in Kharazhan Medivh corrupted a blue dragon who became Nightbane. It just seems like the blue dragons have the worst luck.