Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Broodings about the Brood of the Blue Dragonflight.

So lately I've been spending some online time in lovely Icecrown. I'm trying to get together the 5k gold for the epic flying on the hunter and I've found that doing quests that are bunched together in a small area is a very good way to raise some gold. Now she's just completed the questline with Tirion Fordering at the cathedral of Darkness (I'm not here to spoil it for those who haven't done it yet) and I'm starting to think about one of the first quest in the chain. Now the ghost kid asks you to bring him whelp dust, but here's the interesting thing. Out of all the dragon flight, why is Arthas raising the Blue Dragons as his frost wyrms? Is it any surprise that that maybe this is why Malygos is so pissed off and starting a war with everybody? Poor Malygos, betrayed by his best friend, his family decimated, and now Arthas is raising their bodies.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

31 bosses in Icecrown?

So anybody read MMO-champion today? I read it all the time. Seems Ghosty has let the cat out of the bag about how many bosses Icecrown Citadel has. Now i'm not a huge fan of taking little tiny snips of blue posts and saying it's law, but he actually says "(yes IC is that big)", which makes me think he's not kidding. The problem with Arthas is that every time you kill one of his minions, he's likely to raise them again. Which is why there will be 31 bosses. Maybe you have to clear Naxx- Part Deux to get to Arthas! Seriously how many times does it take to kill an undead? That would just be awful to have to kill all the naxx bosses yet again to get through the citidel. Perhaps this is the reason raid leaders can now extend lock out time. Makes me wonder. You think Bolvar is his new right hand man? I'm betting on an epic cut scene as well. Here's my vote for patch 3.3 I think Frostmourne will drop, and will promptly be ninja'd by a hunter. Discuss.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weird Finds

Just wanted to share this little picture. I like finding odd stuff like this in game.

Mount Unfairness ( or why can't I have the unicorn?)

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Bloodelfs the survivors from the scourge destruction of Quel'thalas and the Sunwell? Why, oh why does Alliance have access to the Quel'dorei Steeds and we don't? I still don't really understand the difference between the Bloodelf and the high elves to be honest with you. They're from the same people, so why am i stuck with a stupid looking peacock? I'd really like the pretty unicorn mount too. The Sunreaver mount is virtually identical to the sin'dorei mount, but that Unicorn is just so cute! Did you see how cute the feet are? And they're kind of dainty and ladylike and i think my Bloodelfs would look really nice on them. And I'm tired of grinding out rep for better looking mounts. I think the hawkstrider was a salute from the chocobo from the Final Fantasy games. I didn't play all of them but Final Fantasy 7 was madly addictive and fun. That Argent champion hippograph is tight looking too. I have my eye on that one next. I know lots of people are really into the whole protodrake thing, but i gotta be honest. The protodrakes are unattractive. It's almost like somebody at Blizzard was putting up different pictures of options for them to make flying mounts. And apparently the post it note that said "not up to standards" fell off the protodrake model.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New 5 man?

Okay so this morning I got on my Huntard (I know, I know, but hey, at least it's not a deathknight), and did that new 5 man Tournament of Champions (or whatever it's called). Now I only did the regular one, and not the heroic, because this is a new toon; she hit 80 maybe 3 days ago and isn't too geared. I kinda want to avoid all the "omfg you noob" comments since my server is full of people who think that 7k dps=win IRL. Anyway, so I do the new instance this morning and OMG it was seriously the most fun I've had in a 5 man since Vanilla WoW. Yes it's short. Yes it's just there to gear more people. But it's just fun! The music is so good and the jousting is really easy, and it was kinda cool for a Lore geek like me to see such important figures from both factions in one place. Feels epic, really very cool the way they did it. The only thing was that we killed the...um.. dwarf boss guy whose mounted? Whatever, I can't remember his name. But we kill him. He drops the chest. The next thing we know he rezzes, remounts and attacks..over and over and over. You wanna see your dps suffer? Watch how low your numbers are when hitting him mounted with his shields up. Ya I know what you're thinking, there were no mounts for us to mount up at that point. Anyway was really nice chance for me to get new gear for this new toon without having to beg for a raid spot. Plus, the boots look way better then the ones she had on before, and totally match the argent crusade tabard she's sporting.
So anyway, i decided that it was about time i started putting my thoughts down, and since i spend a lot of time playing World of Warcraft and some other games, it just seemed to fit doing it this way. I do other things too, but i wanted a nice place where I can argue about why it's stupid that blood elfs are killing high elfs in the Hinterlands, and i know if i named this blog "nail polish is pretty" that most readers wouldn't get it. But i think nail polish is pretty too.