Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mount Unfairness ( or why can't I have the unicorn?)

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Bloodelfs the survivors from the scourge destruction of Quel'thalas and the Sunwell? Why, oh why does Alliance have access to the Quel'dorei Steeds and we don't? I still don't really understand the difference between the Bloodelf and the high elves to be honest with you. They're from the same people, so why am i stuck with a stupid looking peacock? I'd really like the pretty unicorn mount too. The Sunreaver mount is virtually identical to the sin'dorei mount, but that Unicorn is just so cute! Did you see how cute the feet are? And they're kind of dainty and ladylike and i think my Bloodelfs would look really nice on them. And I'm tired of grinding out rep for better looking mounts. I think the hawkstrider was a salute from the chocobo from the Final Fantasy games. I didn't play all of them but Final Fantasy 7 was madly addictive and fun. That Argent champion hippograph is tight looking too. I have my eye on that one next. I know lots of people are really into the whole protodrake thing, but i gotta be honest. The protodrakes are unattractive. It's almost like somebody at Blizzard was putting up different pictures of options for them to make flying mounts. And apparently the post it note that said "not up to standards" fell off the protodrake model.


  1. difference between them is the blood elves surcumbed to there magic addiction and the high didn't and are disgusted at them for doing it :), so they quel'dorei are high elves and i believe the blood elves are the sin'dorei i could be wrong tho :P. and agreed the proto-drakes are nasty -.-. nice blog btw keep it up :)

  2. You need to learn how to break up your thoughts. Reading this wall of text is brutal. And the shitty web theme didn't help at all either. Just beacause you're gamer girls doesn't mean you have to lean into every female cliche and make everything mind obliteratingly pink.