Saturday, August 8, 2009

New 5 man?

Okay so this morning I got on my Huntard (I know, I know, but hey, at least it's not a deathknight), and did that new 5 man Tournament of Champions (or whatever it's called). Now I only did the regular one, and not the heroic, because this is a new toon; she hit 80 maybe 3 days ago and isn't too geared. I kinda want to avoid all the "omfg you noob" comments since my server is full of people who think that 7k dps=win IRL. Anyway, so I do the new instance this morning and OMG it was seriously the most fun I've had in a 5 man since Vanilla WoW. Yes it's short. Yes it's just there to gear more people. But it's just fun! The music is so good and the jousting is really easy, and it was kinda cool for a Lore geek like me to see such important figures from both factions in one place. Feels epic, really very cool the way they did it. The only thing was that we killed dwarf boss guy whose mounted? Whatever, I can't remember his name. But we kill him. He drops the chest. The next thing we know he rezzes, remounts and attacks..over and over and over. You wanna see your dps suffer? Watch how low your numbers are when hitting him mounted with his shields up. Ya I know what you're thinking, there were no mounts for us to mount up at that point. Anyway was really nice chance for me to get new gear for this new toon without having to beg for a raid spot. Plus, the boots look way better then the ones she had on before, and totally match the argent crusade tabard she's sporting.

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