Tuesday, August 11, 2009

31 bosses in Icecrown?

So anybody read MMO-champion today? I read it all the time. Seems Ghosty has let the cat out of the bag about how many bosses Icecrown Citadel has. Now i'm not a huge fan of taking little tiny snips of blue posts and saying it's law, but he actually says "(yes IC is that big)", which makes me think he's not kidding. The problem with Arthas is that every time you kill one of his minions, he's likely to raise them again. Which is why there will be 31 bosses. Maybe you have to clear Naxx- Part Deux to get to Arthas! Seriously how many times does it take to kill an undead? That would just be awful to have to kill all the naxx bosses yet again to get through the citidel. Perhaps this is the reason raid leaders can now extend lock out time. Makes me wonder. You think Bolvar is his new right hand man? I'm betting on an epic cut scene as well. Here's my vote for patch 3.3 I think Frostmourne will drop, and will promptly be ninja'd by a hunter. Discuss.

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