Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The end of WOTLK

So, as of today it's over. Honestly, I'm happy this expansion is coming to a close. I've spend most of my time in WOTLK rerolling new toons and experiencing the game at lower levels. And something huge has changed for me in the last week or so. I'm not what exactly the motivating factor was, but I'm finding myself back on the Alliance after years of being Horde. The strangest thing is that I actually like it. I'm still not ever rolling a gnome though.

Okay so today the cinematic was released for WOTLK. And it was.. meh. The scene with Arthas and his father was really excellent, very poignant. I like how his eyes actually clear from the lich glow, a nice visual of the whole " I can see clearly now" phenomena. And He knows that the light has forsaken him, as it should, as he dies. The rest with Bolvar? Meh, I don't really like the way he looks. Reminds me of the Lawnmower man movie. However, having Bolvar as the new Lich King is kinda interesting to me.

First off, it's a very interesting dichotomy.. Bolvar is burning, not just regular fire, but the fire of the Life-Binder. Very paradoxical that he's infused with the fire of the red dragon flight, and yet now rules over the undead. I've read quite a few theories this morning about the merging of Ner'zhul and Bolvar, but IMO, it's clear it's Bolvar in charge at this point. Hence the burning red eyes from this point forward. I'm not getting into the whole is ner'zhul still in charge/no it's his spirit/no separate lich king argument. I just think that whatever he is now, it's clear Bolvar is now in charge.

So..cataclysm next. Is Deathwing woken because the change in the lich king? The defeat of Sindragosa? Poor Sindragosa, mate of Malygos, killed by deathwing, and driven mad while she desperately tries and fails to reach dragonblight before dying only to resurrected and enslaved by Arthas. Talk about adding insult to injury. Interesting to see how many Dragon fights are in WOTLK. Valithria, the healing fight looks like really fun (but i thought that about oculus so that shows how much i know). Sarth and his drake buddies, and Malygos, whose actually an aspect. Pretty much just taunts deathwing i guess.

And last but not least where does this leave Sylvanas? She has taken her revenge, so basically she no longer has a need for the Horde. Clearly she isn't trusted, otherwise the Kor'kron wouldn't have replaced her guards.

Jaina, i guess will just have to find another boyfriend. So far both Kael'thas and Arthas have both been the kind of men she's attracted to herself, so maybe she should enter therapy and figure out why.

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